Give Cards raise $200,000

Western Canadians came together in a pandemic year to generate a substantial donation to the Canadian Red Cross.

Sales of limited-edition Co-op Give Cards in November and December 2020 helped Co-op donate $200,000 to the Red Cross’ emergency support efforts in Western Canada. For every limited-edition Co-op Gift Card sold during the campaign, Co-op pledged $1 to the Red Cross, up to a maximum of $250,000.

While the Red Cross has always assisted Canadians in difficult times, their efforts in 2020 expanded to include COVID-19 relief efforts throughout the Western provinces and in First Nation communities.

Apart from pandemic relief efforts, Co-op’s donation will help with the training of volunteers to provide safety and wellness checks to seniors, emergency food deliveries to those unable to visit foodbanks, emergency contact centre operations and the preparation of emergency shelter supplies for Western Canadian communities.

Thank you to the thousands of Co-op members and customers who helped to make this campaign a success!

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