We Care

Co-op helps build, feed and fuel Western Canada. We’ve been doing this for generations. As a co-operative, we’re not only working for your community, we’re owned by your community.

Sustainability is about the impact of our business on communities. We believe in shared value – the idea that our success and the health of our communities are mutually dependent. This means we need to adapt to meet the changing needs of our members and communities. To do this, we consider social, economic and environment impacts in our decision-making so that we can all thrive into the future.

Co-op works to create jobs and partner with local businesses. Our profits don’t leave the community. They go back into it – and back to you. Co-op is a different kind of business and sustainability is part of who we are.

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Community Impact

Co-op is a different kind of business. We return profits to our members and give back to our communities every day. From hosting a local barbecue to funding through the Co-op Community Spaces Program, Co-ops are helping improve more than 580 communities in Western Canada, from Vancouver Island to northwestern Ontario.