Our backyard

Our backyard represents so much.

From the diverse ecosystems of Western Canada to the agricultural environments around our communities to our homes where we spend time with our families: Our backyards are our communities.

Co-op knows that our success and the health of our communities are mutually dependent. In our decision-making, we consider social, economic and environmental impacts so we can meet the needs of today without compromising future generations’ ability to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We also know that change begins together. We invite you to take part by becoming a member at your local Co-op.

We’re committed to protecting our backyard.

At Co-op, sustainability is more than our environmental commitments and actions—it’s how and why we operate. It takes constant adaptation to meet the changing needs of our members and communities, but each Co-op across Western Canada is built serve their community and can make changes right in their backyard.

We’re proud of the sustainability work we do, and we want to share it.

Co-op organizes our sustainability efforts in four different categories, allowing us to prioritize activities, measure impact and be accountable to our communities at each level. These initiatives are already underway, and more will be added as our sustainability work progresses.

Eliminating waste

We’re dedicated to not simply reducing the amount of waste we produce, but eliminating it altogether.

Loop program to divert food waste

Reducing plastic packaging and increasing recycled content

Battery Bucks compensate customers for returning batteries to Co‑op Home or Agro Centres for recycling

Reducing emissions

Scientific consensus is clear: we must limit our greenhouse gas emissions to limit the negative impacts of climate change.

CRS Energy Roadmap will aid in our goal to achieve 40 per cent emission reduction from 2015 levels by 2030 and our aspirational goal of being net-zero by 2050

• Energy efficiency projects such as LED lighting, glass doors on freezers and coolers, and a solar Gas Bar canopy

EV Charging Corridor at some Co-op Food Stores and Gas Bars


We’re always seeking opportunities to help the environment recover from damage that has already been done.

Grown with Purpose practices

Partnering with academic institutions for soil remediation

Responsible purchasing

Our suppliers are crucial partners in our sustainability journey. We strive to find collaborators who use responsible business practices and are committed to protecting the environment.

Co-operative Coffee Fairtrade varieties

Sustainable seafood