We Are Co-op: The next chapter

We know that a co-op is not a building, like a gas bar or a food store. A co-op is a group of people working together to help their neighbours and to build their community.

A few years ago, we highlighted the many roles within Co-op. We Are many things: Western Canadians. Members. Owners. But at the heart of that statement is one simple idea: We are Co‑op.

Fundamentally, a Co-op is about the “we” part of that statement: It’s the group of people who work together, the communities that built their Co-op, and the team members who work hard to make people’s lives better.


The holiday season is a time of togetherness, when people put in extra time and care to gather with friends and family. And Co-op is there to lend a helping hand, spreading holiday cheer across Western Canada.

Co-op often plays a central role in festive community events – whether we’re providing the truck for the toy drive, delivering food baskets and gifts to seniors, or hosting Santa parties. We show up in smaller, but equally significant ways, too. Team members add festive flair to their uniforms and offer up extra cheer in their everyday customer interactions.

That care for community isn’t reserved for the holiday season. It’s evident year-round.



The strength of a Co-op is its members.

There are more than 160 co-operative associations across Western Canada serving 630 communities. Those associations are made up of 2.2 million Co-op members with more than 24,000 team members. And Co-op's success depends on each and every one of the people who pool their resources to become member-owners, who contribute to the democratic process of running the Co-op, and who support their local Co-op because they appreciate the difference that Co-op makes in their communities.

Every Co-op location is unique, and built to serve the needs of its community, because our community is why we exist. We’re proud to be a different kind of business, and we couldn’t be here without all of us.

We are Co-op.

Find your nearest Co-op location, and become a member today.

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