Community Spaces Recipients

Each year, Co-op is supporting projects that matter to you, your neighbours and your community.

Since 2015, Co-op has invested $10.5 million to fund 147 projects across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba through Co-op Community Spaces. We are working collaboratively with local groups to create places for everyone.

“The Co-op Community Spaces Grant was huge for our community. It gave us physical infrastructure upgrades to our swimming pool, ball diamond, and skating rink facilities and sparked pride and positivity in our community. It is gratifying to be chosen. We encourage other communities to apply and experience the change that unfold for your community.” 

  • Linda Hosegood, Radisson Recreation Association

“After 35 years, our organization finally has it’s first permanent home thanks to Co-op Community Spaces. We are now able to receive schools, tourists, and general public to teach them about the importance of wildlife stewardship and environmental responsibility.” 

  • Roger Perron, Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre Inc.


Co-op Community Spaces projects have impacted over 3 million people in Western Canada since 2015, and have contributed to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of those local communities.


of projects have increased local recreation and arts and culture opportunities for the community


of projects diverted waste from landfills


of projects resulted in increased access to local natural spaces

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