2024 Co-op Community Spaces recipients

For ten years, Co-op Community Spaces has been creating places where people can gather, learn and grow.


This year, we’re providing $1 million to support 14 projects that will help protect, beautify and improve spaces in these local communities.


British Columbia
Two new greenhouses will be constructed for community gardeners to cultivate food for programs supporting low-income families, children and seniors facing food insecurity on Salt Spring Island.
An indoor garden will be developed to improve access to nutrient-dense food, which has been recognized as a crucial need for the marginalized and vulnerable youth and families supported by the Connaught Youth Centre.
Establishing a new four-season greenhouse will create an indoor farm in the community. This will guarantee a steady and dependable source of fresh produce for the emergency food hampers at the Red Deer Food Bank.
To promote a healthy lifestyle, a centrally located and easily accessible playground in Boyle will cater to the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the community.
Turning the former CN Rail line and the iconic black train bridge into a recreational path for pedestrians and cyclists connects the communities of this small town. The initiative offers a chance for both residents and visitors of Drumheller to discover the valley, promoting physical activity along the way.
The new playground at Whitewood School benefits students, families and community members by offering a safe, fun and educational play area for youth of all ages and abilities. It promotes happiness, health and positivity in both the school and the community.
At the core of the community and serving as the primary gathering spot in Morse, the Community Hall will receive new flooring enhancements. This ensures that residents have a safe and accessible venue to gather and connect.
The Radville community is thrilled to unveil a new swimming pool and campground this year, in addition to significant enhancements and refurbishments to the Radville Recreation Centre. This new area will leave a lasting impact for future generations, fostering community pride.
This new playground aims to address the limitations of current playground structures within the community. It will cater to all children by providing an inclusive play space where everyone can socialize and participate in activities.
Transforming the school's outdoor space into a vibrant hub for physical activity and social interaction, the new playing surface and basketball court is complemented by a relaxing seating area to enhance community spirit and a sense of belonging.
Harvest Manitoba was among the initial recipients of Community Spaces funding in 2015. They are now enhancing their community garden by adding a gathering area, complete with a medicine wheel planter, flat stone benches and an Indigenous mural in the surrounding space.
The Virden Ag Society grounds host more than 20 events annually, showcasing livestock and offering learning opportunities. They plan to replace deteriorated buildings with a more versatile structure to expand event diversity.
The old curling rink in Ashern is undergoing a transformation into a versatile facility to address diverse community needs. It aims to enhance physical and mental well-being and encourage social interaction by providing amenities such as an indoor walking track, pickleball court, gym equipment and a yoga studio.
The Thunder Hill Ski Club is an outdoor recreational space that provides residents with the opportunity to engage in fun, outdoor activities throughout the long winter months. The addition of the Magic Carpet Lift will allow beginners, young children and physically challenged individuals to have access to the activity.


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